• Venerable Yin Yeung founded The Centre for Spiritual Progress to Great Awakening (SPGA).
  • Invited by Buddhist Compassion (温暖人間), we started the public talk "Taking Life's Misery and Sorrow Lightly” (“笑看人生苦與悲 "). More Dharma talks were held thereafter to let people know a good mind is the key to a happy life.
  • We put in place a system for voluntary work and now about 3,000 volunteers, all possessing special skills with compassion.
  • A hospital spiritual care service training programme was held for the first time.
  • We started visitations to elderly homes. At as 2021, altogether 9 visits including homes for the elderlies, medical care and mental health rehabilitation were made by 155 Love Envoys, reaching out to 5,300 residents each year.
  • SPGA regularly holds different types of Dharma Assembly. The congregation will recite sutras for confession and learn about the compassion and virtues of the Buddha under the guidance of the Masters.  The average number of participants is 13,000 per year.
  • The Life Education Programme was initiated to teach people how to better other people’s lives by their own. There are more than 7,800 participants over the years.
  • The Light in the Dark, a Buddhist Life Education Programme, was launched to help people explore the meaning of life and understand how one’s inner spirituality can be enhanced through Buddhist teaching.
  • Partnered with St. James' Settlement to expand the Medication Call Reminder
  • The Blessing Choir was established. There are 30 senior members aged 60 or above , spreading the message of love with their songs.
  • SPGA pioneered the service of Buddhist chaplaincy in Hong Kong by establishing a dedicated unit to meet such needs in hospitals on a regular basis. By 2024, 17 hospitals have been enjoying the service. Visits were made by the Buddhist Chaplains and Spiritual Envoys reaching out to over 70,000 people over the years.
  • Visits to elderly homes were also made in collaboration with the Hong Kong Buddhist Association for the Blind.
  • Our Centre has been relocated to the Cheong Lung Industrial Building in Lai Chi Kok to meet the needs of expanding scope of service and number of followers. A new leaflet was produced on this occasion. This year, Venerable Yin Yeung completed 15 public talks, 5 three-day courses “Life Education Programme - Live Better” and 2 five-day courses “Life Education Programme – A Better Day through prays”.
  • “The Creation of Serendipity Paintings and Calligraphy Exhibition” was held at the Shatin Town Hall to raise funds for the expansion of the SPGA's premises.
  • Since 2012, seven exhibitions of paintings and calligraphy have been held, to raise fund for expansion of SPGA Centre, the redevelopment of Po Lam Buddhist Association in Canada, the education fund of Hong Kong Nang Yan College of High Education and the relief of the monasteries at disaster areas in Nepal.
  • 與《温暖人間》合辦恭誦「恭誦《水懺》回向香港」法會,近3,00
  • A Water Repentance Dharma Assembly was co-hosted with Buddhist Compassion, with around 3,000 people transferring their concerted positivity to foster happiness and harmony in Hong Kong.
  • 0人匯聚正能量,祝福香港幸福和諧。
  • “A Vow for Nang Yan –Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition” was held at Hong Kong Central Library, to raise funds for Hong Kong Nang Yan College of Higher Education.
  • The first-ever Buddha Bathing event at Prince of Wales Hospital was held.
  • ateen, a social enterprise for vegetarian food was started, providing learning and employment opportunities for the underprivileged in the community. 40 staff and volunteers prepared healthy vegetarian dishes with a homey natural feel.
  • Farewell Very Well”, written by Venerable Yin Yeung, was awarded Gold Medal in the category of “My Favourite Author” in the Hong Kong Golden Book Awards 2014 (Non-Literature, Health & Living Category).
  • The Buddhist Art and Culture Exhibition co-organized with the Po Lam Buddhist Association in Canada, was held at the Jao Tsung-I Academy.
  • The charity banquet, held for three consecutive years, was dedicated to the reconstruction of the Po Lam Buddhist Association in Canada.
  • The first New Year Blessing Dharma Assembly was organized to unite people together for the blessing of social harmony, peace for the world.
  • The first “Meditation 1000” was held in conjunction with Buddhist Compassion and other Buddhist parties , wishing to stabilize the community and console one’s feelings through Zen practice.
  • The Buddhist Thangka Art and Tibetan Buddhist Crafts Exhibition was held at the Hong Kong Arts Centre, with all proceeds over $3 million donated for the relief of three monasteries and victims in the earthquake in Nepal.
  • Over $2 million was raised from Praying for orphans around the world, the Water Repentance raised over $2 million and all proceeds donated to the construction of the orphanage of Nang Xian Ba Se Temple,
  • On December 18, Venerable Yin Yeung passed away peacefully in Hong Kong and bequeathed her body to the Silent Teacher program of the Chinese University of Hong Kong for the purpose of teaching and research at the Faculty of Medicine. Venerable Yin Yeung, "If I can live on, it is because of the contribution of many people; if my life expectancy should end, my life can still be carried on in others’ bodies.”
  • To help young people understand themselves and find a direction for their lives, the SPGA Youth was born.
  • In order to fulfill Venerable Yin Yeung’s last wish, the exhibition “Cherish the Moment” of 48 miniature paintings and calligraphy by Venerable Yin Yeung was arranged.
  • WalkShare, consolidating Venerable Yin Yeung’s words of wisdom was launched with 30 public talks, 108 series of “A Sutra for Every Family”, and 20 audiobooks of “Farewell Very Well”.
  • Venerable Yin Yeung’s mission as Silent Teacher at the Chinese University of Hong Kong has been fulfilled. Her teachings will always be a model for us.
  • The Three-day Retreat for Buddha Chanting, Three-day Retreat for Mediation and Zen Camping  were held at the Kadoorie Centre of the University of Hong Kong to practice chanting and meditation.
  • Preview of Buddhist Artworks” was held to showcase the finest works of calligraphy, painting and sculpture, and to share a sense of compassion and love.
  • Organized the first-ever “Spreading Love. Creating Future” banquet at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre to raise funds for acquiring the premises of SPGA and expansion of services.
  • Purchased and relocated to our permanent premises in Kowloon Bay.
  • Launched the “One Heart, Love Together” project to pull efforts together for the plans of the new premises.
  • A brand new SPGA website was launched.
  • The Buddhist Chaplaincy Unit held its first Gratitude Day at the Queen Mary Hospital to bring blessings and laughter to the patients, their families and medical staff.  
  • The first Advanced Course for Hospital Spiritual Care Service and the fourth Intermediate course were held by the Unit.
  • To enhance the quality of caring services for the elderly, the Centre launched the fourth Intermediate course for Elderly Care Service.
  • The volunteer uniform was redesigned in commemorating the 10th anniversary of SPGA.
  • The Centre joined hands with the Tung Lin Kok Yuen to launch the Community Care Project. The themes are included: health and holistic wellness, life education and emotional management.
  • For the first time, the New Year Blessing Dharma Assembly was held at the new premises.
  • Starting from February, 7 series of a seven-night online Dharma Assembly of the sutra of Medicine Buddha was held for followers all over the world to pray at home for the early cessation of the new COVID-19 pandemic .
  • During such difficult times, the Buddhist Chaplaincy Unit also started to produce a photo album with Dharma messagesspiritual sharing and audio guides in early March sending over messages of wishes and care to people of Hong Kong via various channels.
  • Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Emperor Liang’s Repentance Dharma Assembly was broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube. The four-day Dharma Assembly was held in a solemn altar, where participants from Hong Kong and abroad worshipped and chanted with devotion. At the end of the Assembly, the Masters encouraged the public to continue the power of intoning sutras, to actively implement it in their daily life, to be self-aware, and to eliminate their worries with wisdom.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Gratitude Day held at Prince of Wales Hospital, Shatin Hospital and Queen Mary Hospital was changed to Fight the Pandemic Together - Cheer Up Health Care Team. 1,000 small gifts were given to the health care workers of the three hospitals, to express our sincere respect and blessings to the frontline health care workers, who silently protect the health of Hong Kong people.
  • Under the influence of the pandemic and the social atmosphere, in line with our “True Love is Borderless, Together We Overcome Hardships mission, more than 60 volunteers worked together on a scorching 4th July, to distribute 20,000 goodies bags to the public in different areas in Hong Kong. Through this activity, we were happy to bring our care and sincere wishes to them, and to enhance the power of caring and building a harmonious and inclusive society.
  • As the pandemic continues, the Buddhist Chaplaincy Unit launched the "How Are You Lately?” caring activity - We encourage all Buddhist Chaplains, Senior Spiritual Envoys and Spiritual Envoys to practise caring services in the community, to listen to how they fare physically, mentally and socially under this pandemic, and to offer appropriate encouragement and blessings when needed.
  • ateen faced extreme difficulties under continuing uncertainty of the pandemic and rapid changes of business environment. It was closed down after careful consideration this year.
  •  In light of the severe situation of COVID-19, The Hong Kong Buddhist Association (“HKBA”) initiated the launch of 「佛教界千僧萬眾祛疫祈福大法會」. The Centre joined the campaign and held a 21-day Puja from 20 January to 9 February 2021 at its premises to pray for China and Hong Kong  , and that COVID-19 would subside as soon as possible.
  • In February,「真愛. 同行」, the premiere e-Newsletter of Buddhist Chaplaincy Unit was launched.
  • Starting February, Buddhist Chaplaincy Unit launched the「心連慟」programme with the objective to, through the practice of Dharma and mindfulness, let the participants understand the rise and fall of conditions in life and a follow-on care to people who have lost their beloved ones. . 
  • In March, received sponsorship from The Kishinchand Chellaram Foundation Limited to run the “Community Care Project”. Through the holding of public talks and giving of festive blessing gifts, we hope to extend our care and love to the community.
  • In September, participated in the「第二期千僧萬眾祛疫祈福大法會」campaign by HKBA, held another 21-day Puja at its premises from 6 September to 26 September 2021 for the good of China, Hong Kong, Macau and the globe.
  • In October, received sponsorship from Li Ka Shing Foundation for the launch of the “Care for the Twilight Years cum Life Education Project”.。
  • Upon the invitation of RTHK 31, Ven. Chuan Deng co-hosted 3 series of TV programme, namely “Dialogue with Masters” for a total of 39 episodes.. Based on the topic of each episode, shared the views and wisdom in life from the perspective of Buddhism.
  • Ven Chuan Deng accepted the interview by《有誰共鳴》of Commercial Radio Hong Kong, from which she gave details of the mission and development of Buddhist Chaplaincy Unit.
  • With the 5th wave of COVID hit Hong Kong hard in early 2022, Buddhist Chaplaincy Unit rolled out the 「疫境互強」0 programme which contained a collection of attentively created Quotes, short Buddhist articles and Dharma stories narrated by the monastic Chaplains, bringing messages of support and care to the medical staff and the general public.
  • Thanks to Dai Bei Xue Yuan of Taiwan (台灣大悲學苑), the first Taiwanese documentary on spiritual care, “Review” was premiered in Hong Kong in 2022. The film was shown 4 times in cinemas with a total of over 3,000 audience.
  • In August 2022, accomplished the “Blooming and Withering, Comprehending Life and Death”, a 4-day life and death education series programme which included exhibition, talks and workshops, to raise public awareness of life, thus creating constructive attitude, with the aid of Buddhist teaching, in facing death. The programme attracted over 3000 visitors and received tremendous positive response.
  • Following the Government’s act to lift the Vaccine Pass requirement and all social distancing measures, the Centre resumed to normal operation in early 2023.
  • Mr. Chen Sen-lin designed a series of "Buddha Painting” classes. Through focusing on drawing the lines and details, the drawers experience moments of mindfulness, thus, regulating their body and mind.
  • July marked the publication of “How are You Now” by Venerable Chuan Deng, detailing the patients’ stories of accepting the pain associate with the illness, letting go of regrets, allowing their hearts to settle and bidding farewell to families.
  • The 6th Spiritual Care Services Intermediate Course and the 6th Elderly Care Services Intermediate Course were completed in June 2023 and December 2023 respectively.
  • "Venerable Yin Yeung: Grateful for Encountering You”, a 3-day mini exhibition from 18th to 19th  August 2023 was held to commemorate our beloved Venerable Yin Yeung.   Venerable Yin Yeung’s columns in the Macau Daily News before she became a Buddhist nun, her poetry collections, newspaper/ magazine interviews, as well as calligraphy and paintings after she was ordained were on show at the Centre.  Designated guests were invited to share interesting and inspirational stories of Venerable Yin Yeung.
  • On November 4th, the Fund-Raising Gala Dinner 2023 took place at HKECC.  It was genuinely a memorable and delightful evening with friends and guests from around the world getting together.  It was such a lively and warm dinner, unseen for many years. 
  • Venerable Chuan Deng, Abbess, and In-charge of the Buddhist Chaplaincy Unit, togther with Helen,a medical columnist and cancer convalescent, jointly initiates the setup of the "Spiritual Care Sanctuary (SCS)" , a hideout place for those in need. Professional assistance and various supports will be offered to tackle the problems on their body and mind.