When you are suffering from illness, physical and mental exhaustion, fear and anxiety, our team of Buddhist Chaplaincy is here standing by with our sincere love,  wishing you ease and peace. With our services being recognized by the Hospital Authority, the Buddhist Chaplaincy was established in August 2011. The SPGA is one of the foremost Buddhist organizations in Hong Kong providing spiritual care services in local hospitals. Our Buddhist Chaplains are now stationed at our serving hospitals, together with a team of "Spiritual Envoys", providing comprehensive spiritual care services to patients and their families. The Buddhist Chaplaincy also co-organizes meditation, life-and-death education seminars and workshops, festive activities etc. with the hospitals. As of 2024, the number of hospitals currently served has expanded to a total of 17. We are really grateful to The D. H. Chen Foundation and many other donors for supporting the expansion of our hospital care services.
Buddhist Chaplains’ Services
  • Providing bedside spiritual care and  support

  • Walking with patients on their healing journey, listening, sharing and supporting                       

  • Giving support to patients’ relatives and friends

  • Providing  hospice care, and advice on  funeral services if necessary

  • Offering prayers, chanting sutras and taking refuge in the Three Jewels for patients in need

Spiritual Envoys Voluntary Service
  • Providing regular bedside  visits in hospitals

  • Being a companion and listener to the patients

  • Offering spiritual support

Training for Our Spiritual Care Service Team
We have established a three-level training programme for all teammates – elementary level for beginners, intermediate level for Spiritual Envoys, and advanced level for Buddhist Chaplains and Senior Spiritual Envoys.
All the trainings are conducted by well-experienced health care professionals, clinical psychologists, social workers and religious teachers from local and overseas. We also provide courses on Buddhism, meditation practice, life and death education etc. to enhance the level of our spiritual care service.
  • For enquiries, please call or visit the Buddhist Chaplaincy Office

    (For contact details of each hospital network, please go to "Hospital Visiting Service")

  • Referrals through medical staff, family members or friends are welcome

活得無悔。— 衍陽法師