Blessing Choir

Founded in 2010 by the late Venerable Yin Yeung, the Blessing Choir is a group of over 30 members, all aged 60+.  The Blessing Choir has been led by professional singing teachers, Luk Bo (Brother Bo) and Edmond, for years. Through inspiring singing and regular community performances, these seniors can get into the community and connect with the public. Besides, they could rediscover their value and rebuild their social networks.  So far, they have had more than 40 shows performed in Hong Kong and Macau.

Venerable Yin Yeung said, “The gratitude, faith and expectation in life can be brought out by the inspiring voice of the elderlies. Through this choir,  the elderlies can motivate others to stay strong and brave  amidst difficult situations and face a positive tomorrow.    How meaningful it is for our elderlies to embrace everyone with love chapters of songs!”

活得無悔。— 衍陽法師