With the Hong Kong government's approval and recognition, SPGA has established the Department of Buddhist Chaplaincy in Queen Mary Hospital, Maclehose Medical Rehabilitation Centre and Prince of Wales Hospital respectively since August 2011.  This marks a mile stone for the Buddhist society in Hong Kong.  Our full-time Buddhist Chaplains are stationed at the hospitals to serve and support the hospitalized patients, and provide spiritual care to their families.  Coupled with our Spiritual Envoys' regular visits, our hospital caring service has now expanded to nine hospitals.


Our Love Envoys make regular visits to elderly homes to offer the grey-haired great love, sincere care and joy.


Love is along our paths.  No matter you are now ailing and struggling with illness and pain, being caught by fear and anxiety or you are going through the nightfall of your life feeling lonely, we are here with you with our earnest sincerity and love, and reach your heart with serenity and ease.



Regular Visits

Hong Kong West Cluster


Queen Mary Hospital



MacLehose Medical

Rehabilitation Centre


TWCHs Fung Yiu King Hospital



Tung Wah Hospital


Grantham Hospital



New Territories East Cluster


Prince of Wales Hospital



Shatin hospital



Cheshire Home, Shatin


Bradbury Hospice


Kowloon West Cluster


Yan Chai Hospital


Buddhist Chaplain Caring Service

Enquiry or Appointment:(852 )7285 7272 or (852) 5445 2217

9:00am ~ 5:00pm on every Monday, Tuesday and Friday

2:00pm ~ 5:00pm on every Wednesday


9:00am ~ 5:30pm on every Thursday

2:00pm ~ 5:30pm on the first and fourth Saturday every month


9:00am ~ 5:30pm on every Thursday

9:00am ~ 1:00pm on the first and forth Saturday every month


2:00pm ~ 5:00pm on every Thursday


2:00pm ~ 5:00pm on two Wednesdays every month

2:30pm ~ 6:00pm on every Saturday

9:30am ~ 6:00pm on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

2:00pm ~ 6:00pm on every Tuesday and Thursday


9:30am ~ 6:00pm on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

10:00am ~ 1:00pm on every Sunday


3:00pm ~ 6:00pm on every Sunday


10:00am ~ 6:00pm on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

9:15am ~ 11:45am on the second and fourth Saturday every month

Elderly Home Visit

Sage Kwan Fong Nim Chee Home

for the Elderly



Buddhist Poh Yea Home for the

Aged Limited


Pine Care (Manning) Elderly Centre


Enquiry : (852) 3153 4499

9:15am ~ 11:00am on every Tuesday

3:15pm ~ 5:00pm on every Thursday

2:00pm ~ 5:00pm on every Saturday


8:45am ~ 11:00am on alternate Saturday

2:15pm ~ 4:00pm on every Thursday


9:00am ~ 12:00pm on two Sundays every month

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