The Life and Times of Venerable Yin Yeung (1958-2015)


Venerable Yin Yeung was born in 1958, in Kai Ping, Guangzhou Province. She received her tonsure under Ven. Master Sheng Yi in 1992 at Hong Kong Po Lam Monastery and then her full ordination at Lung Hua Temple in Jiangsu Province in September the same year. She passed away peacefully on December 18, 2015 in Hong Kong. Her Dharma body was donated to the Hong Kong Chinese University for research purpose. Both of her Sangha and precept ages are 23.


Ven. Yin Yeung was very smart when she was young and respected elders. She helped with her family while her parents worked. She was the 5th daughter among 10 siblings, and they lived in harmony because of her love for all of them. The family moved to Macau where she completed her education with distinction. After graduating, she became a teacher at Macau Pooi To School and was loved and respected by her students and colleagues. Her family moved back to Hong Kong where she started her career in painting and calligraphy. In the 80s she used the pen-name Ling Chu Fung to publish proses and poems in Macau Daily and Hong Kong Literature publications. In May 1989, she collaborated with Poets Yi Ling, and Tao Li, and established the May Poetry House and published May Poetry Companions that same year. She received high praises for her poem Passing through the Night, July 14, and Dance of Ink.


In April 1992, she renounced all mundane businesses and joined the Sangha. In 1994, she was appointed by her Ven. Master Sheng Yi, to go to Chilliwack, Canada with Ven. Yin Kit to establish Po Lam Buddhist Association. The mission was to expound Dharma in the West. In 2005, she helped establish the Compassionate Centre for Health in Vancouver. In 2006, both Masters became Abbesses of Ta Kioh Buddhist Temple in San Francisco. Besides expounding the Dharma, they also expanded into education and caring for seniors and the sick.


In 2008, she first started holding Dharma lectures in Hong Kong. She then travelled frequently among United States, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China and Macau. Her lectures were humorous, to the point, and received rock-star welcome. She delivered well over 50 lectures. She also had a column in Buddhist Compassion Magazine, and hosted the popular Hong Kong radio program Healthy Planet Dwellers – Mind Purification as well as the Buddhistdoor’s Channel B program named The Sutra That Each Family Always Chants. She used her writing and her voice to connect everyone to the Dharma.


Ven. Yin Yeung had extensive and grand will. She had unlimited perseverance, always pressing on. Because she suffered from many types of illness since she was young, her empathy for seniors and the sick was particularly strong. In 2009, she established the SPGA Centre Hong Kong, set up Public Hospital Buddhist Caring Service, visited senior homes and assisted the needy. She used her lifelong courage and experience to educate and motivate everyone to be self-sufficient in the face of adversity, and let living be radiant again.


She loved Chinese culture, excelled in calligraphy and Chinese classic painting and was an accomplished poet. She had 7 painting and calligraphy exhibitions, with the proceeds being donated to the rebuilding of Po Lam in Vancouver, Hong Kong Nang Yan College Endowment, Nepal Relief, and SPGA Centre expansion.


Besides painting and calligraphy exhibitions, she also enlightened the many through writing. She published 5 books, plus a volume of a collection of her paintings and calligraphy. One of her latest honors was receiving a gold medal award in My Favorite Author category for one of her books Farewell Very Well in 2014.


During her life time, everything she had done was for the benefit of Dharma as well as for all sentient beings. She had respectfully exhausted her body, and exerted her utmost effort for her mission. After her departure, her Dharma body was donated to the Hong Kong Chinese University hospital for research, a continuation of her boundless love and selflessness.


Ven. Yin Yeung’s earnest and sincere thoughtfulness and her selfless caring for all of beings will leave us an eternal model. We pray for her return on her own vow.

As instructed by my doctor, I had my blood test last week, and as usual, I took x-Rays on my lung this morning prior to seeing the doctor. Six lung X-Rays were taken and each image is clearer than the previous copy. My cancer index has dropped from 40.2 when I was first diagnosed with the disease to now 11. My doctor was very pleased with the result & told me in earnest, ''Congratulations Venerable, you have fully recovered''


To once a. seriously ill person, the news overwhelmed me with joy & huge relief ! For the past six months, so many people have been worrying about me, stretching out their hands to help, and backing me with their silent prayers! My heartfelt gratitude!


People asked me how I can recover so fast?


Didn't we all get sick before? People who are not feeling well tend to look for the most effective drug without realizing that chanting sutra & praying to Buddha is already a panacea! Understanding cause & effect is panacea! Practising meditation is panacea! Compassion, gratitude & positive attitude is panacea! Loving kmdi1ess, caring & friendliness is panacea! Equanimity in all dire situations is panacea ....... .


I sincerely wish that all people fighting with their diseases will get well soon; for a speedy recovery, try the above panacea as soon as possible.


Ven. Yin Yeung

June 29, 2015, 5:47pm

The Centre for Spiritual Progress to Great Awakeninig (SPGA) held a "Bathe the Buddha" ceremony at Prince of Wales Hospital in Shatin on May 17. In the afternoon the same day, I had a talk there with a small group of caring audience to share my attitude in tackling mycancer illness. Apart from an egg-size lump, found near my lower vertebrae, which hurts me 24 hours daily, most of the time I feel fine & grateful, & almost forget I am still a cancer patient.


Last night I was very tired & slept through with no dreams. When I woke up this morning, the excruciating pain which tormented me for the past few months whenever I climbed in & out of bed had disappeared!! I touched the lump I used to pat everyday, & wow it is gone. Caught with surprise & joy, I immediately asked Tan Szefu, Shuen Szefu & Deng Szefu who had touched my swelling before & felt sorry for me, to feel the change for themselves. At that moment we were all flooded with emotions.


I am forever grateful to the Buddha inside my heart. I don't want to guess under whose strength this time that helps me overcome the ordeal again, I only wish more & more people will believe that no matter you are sick or in agony, Buddhism will have a solution for you.


Ven. Yin Yeung

May 18, 2015, 4.22pm

Watching patients come and go at the doctor's clinic, most of them are feeble & scrawny with ashen face. Didn't I see myself in them not too long ago? Now after 3 month'smedicaltreatment&rest myhealthhas ago? Now after 3 month s medical treatment & rest , my health has steadily improved.


I saw the doctor today. After examining my X-Ray in detail, he said I had  made good progress in health & again the recovery was fast and  encouraging. He also suggested that  I only need to go back to see him in two months The nurse also said I looked fine & spirited and was two months. The nurse also said I looked fine & spirited, and was interested to know how my recovery could happen!


I am grateful for all well wishes & ca re. With a determination to continue  practising benevolence and follow the right path, I know I will fully  recover soon!


Ven. Yin Yeung

May 4, 2015, 4:38 pm

At my Doctor's appointment today, the X-ray showed that the cancer cells have greatly reduced both in size and in number: Those spread to the ly1nph nodes in the neck area have all disappeared. I also gained 3 lbs in weight. Both the doctor and people around rne were vey happy. We had a great lunch as an encourage1nent to the difficult ti1nes in the past three ,nonths and to wish for future blessing.


Thank goodness! I am so grateful frorn deep inside. I am also grateful to all of you for sending me your blessings day and night!


Ven. Yin Yeung

April 1, 2015, 3:12 pm

Someone reminded me: “Szefu, we haven’t heard from you for a while, it’s time to post a picture on the web.”


When a person received warm-hearted concern, isn’t it comforting? However, to be honest, everyone has their own livelihood to take care of, who would be able to care about you impermanently?


It seems that we just celebrated Chinese New Year, but when looking back, surprisingly, one quarter of the year had gone! Time just flies and would not allow us to make any excuses. Hurry up to brighten your life with some meaningful deeds! You all know: “After all this time, you care about me, I also care about you.”


Ven. Yin Yeung

March 26, 2015, 10:28 pm

Last night at Ven. Yin Kit’s discourse organized by our organization, there was a super surprise! Ven. Yin Yeung suddenly appeared on stage, the entire audience emotionally stood up and applauded incessantly. Yin Yeung Szefu is maintaining a balanced state of mind about her cancer illness and embracing this suffering light-heartedly. While still coughing, she continued to speak humorously. Everybody’s worries were relieved. Many were so touched by her speech that they burst into tears and laughter at the same time! Although Yin Yeung Szefu is away for her treatment, is she still not sharing Dharma with us? We wish Yin Yeung Szefu a speedy recovery.


Buddhist Compassion Magazine

March 10, 2015

Everyone was overjoyed when Yin Yeung Szefu suddenly appeared at the Centre’s Chinese New Year



Szefu said her only responsibility now is to take good care of herself. Since the establishment of the Centre, whenever she was away, even for one month, she would not need to call back because every staff are aware of their duties. This time she was sick for two months, she did not make a single call either. This is because the Centre is not led by a single person but to follow the concept of  “Serving the Public, Self Introspective .” With this objective, everyone knows the way to go. Szefu said she has to rest for six months to take care of the body and to appease the “Guest” inside.


Szefu encouraged everyone to vow to have the power, ability to resolve any setbacks or adversity in their daily lives with love and  compassion. We sincerely wish Szefu good health and best wishes. We will behave and follow her teachings.


Szefu played the drum and led everyone to sing the “Triple Gem”. The uplifting song brought blessing and strong vibration in everyone's mind.


​Ven. Yin Yeung

March 2, 2015, 5:41 pm

No matter how we live our life, there is always time and space that belongs to us. Take a minute, allow your heart to settle down, thank the heavens for treating you kindly, be grateful for all the affinity, and be grateful that we are still breathing.

We have been granted so much, like today everything belongs to you and me. If each of us should do a good deed with a grateful heart, be it helping an individual, or complete a long forgotten unfinished task either for yourself or for others, you will discover every day is People Day*.


Ven. Yin Yeung

February 15, 2015, 9:47 am

*On the 7th day of the Lunar Calendar, it is People Day.

I have to give power and encouragement to myself. Today,  with great devotion, I used silver powder and mixed with ink to write the Heart Sutra.  I was a little weak with shaky hands. I had wrong characters in the first copy and missing characters in the second.  I wrote this third copy with great concentration. It took me almost three hours to finish. I felt that Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva is accompanying me to overcome my sickness.


Ven. Yin Yeung

February 15, 2015, 11:47 pm

A patient has a patient’s own responsibilities: treatment, rest, meditate, take food and drink and  to connect affectionately and cordially to Medicine Buddha.  Everyday I am relaxed, content and grateful.  When oneself  realized to have gained more than lost, at that moment, everyone is Amitayus Buddha.


This is not my birthday, it is an encouragement from people around me wishing me rebirth by placing a candle on every cake and biscuit.


When my mind is filled with brightness, everyday is a “Birth” day.


Ven. Yin Yeung

February 12, 2015, 8:45 am

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