SPGA has been established since early 2009 as a non-profit Buddhist organization. Motivated by the devotion to give back to society with unconditional love, we support the elderly, the sick, and others facing challenges.  In their time of need, we support them to rediscover the value and meaning of life.


Since the inception of Buddhist Chaplaincy in 2011 at Queen Mary Hospital, our full-time Buddhist Chaplains have been stationed at hospitals and continuously provide comprehensive spiritual care services to hospitalized patients. In addition, our hospital care visit volunteers, namely the Spiritual Envoys, also provide regular visits and spiritual support. At present, we serve the following hospitals.


Buddhist Chaplain’s full-time duties

•​​​​​​ Providing bed-side spiritual care and support;

•​​ Being a companion, listener, sharer, and support giver for the patients during their course of treatment;

•​​ Providing support and care to the patients’ family and friends;

•​​ Providing hospice care, providing advice on funeral services if necessary;

•​​ Offering prayers, chanting sutras and taking refuge in the Three Jewels for the patients.


Spiritual Envoy voluntary service

•​​ Paying regular visits to hospitalized patients in various wards;

•​​ Providing spiritual support by listening and sharing.

• Buddhist Chaplaincy and the hospitals co-host mindfulness meditation classes, life and death education seminars and workshops, festive gatherings and activities, and handcraft classes etc.


Training for our spiritual caring team

We provide elementary and advanced training courses to our Buddhist Chaplains and Spiritual Envoys. Guest speakers include foreign and local medical professionals, clinical psychologists, social workers and religious teachers. Our Buddhist Chaplains and Spiritual Envoys continue to improve their spiritual caring service quality by further enriching themselves in Buddhism classes, meditation practices, life and death education courses etc. Buddhist Chaplains hold Master Degree in Buddhist Studies or equivalent qualification.



• Call or visit us at the Buddhist Chaplaincy office;

• Referred by hospital staff, families or friends.


Buddhist Chaplaincy Unit in

Hong Kong West Cluster

Maclehose Medical Rehabilitation Centre Office:

4/F, 7 Sha Wan Drive, Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong

For advanced appointment : 5445 2217

Pager:7285 7272

Office telephone number:2872 7210

Fax:2872 7309



Buddhist Chaplaincy Unit in

New Territories East Cluster

Prince of Wales Office: Room 414, 4/F, Block B,

Staff Quarters, Prince of Wales Hospital

For advanced appointment:5220 5396

Pager:7280 8822

Office telephone number:3505 3386

Fax:3505 4503


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