Po Lam Buddhist Association

Po Lam Buddhist Association was established in 1994 at Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. This has fulfilled the lifelong wish of Venerable Master Sing Yat that his students would follow patriarchal tenets, adhere to the traditions of a moral and spiritual life and introduce to the West an alternative way of finding true happiness. Their core practice revolves around meditation and mindfulness of the Buddha's teachings.

Ta Kioh Buddhist Temple (San Francisco)

Ta Kioh Buddhist Temple was founded in 1984 by Ms. Elizabeth Ip Mun and passed over to Po Lam Buddhist Association to manage in 2006. TKBT’s vision is to support the Triple Gem, to purify the human minds and to serve the community. It provides a serene place in the Bay area for hearing, learning and practicing the dharma. The Ta Kioh Chinese School also provides a venue for the young migrants to learn the Chinese culture and language. The diversified cultural and religious activities of TKBT brighten up and add more colors to the already religiously rich Bay area.


Buddhistdoor is grounded in tradition but embraces a progressive approach to modern problems in Buddhism and society.  It promotes an egalitarian vision of Buddhism where everyone, without distinction of race, nationality, sex or social origin, can share equally in the tradition’s spiritual riches.

The publication is expressly non-sectarian and strives to promote solidarity of religious purpose among all mainstream Buddhist traditions. It seeks to build friendships with Buddhists in all regions of the world.

Although its main focus is Buddhist spirituality, Buddhist-door is respectful of other religious traditions and is open to dialogues of goodwill. Its long-term objective is to function as a borderless Buddhist community that amplifies Buddhism’s global reach and provides as diverse as possible a range of Buddhist resources.

The platform focuses on a vast spectrum of interests that appeal to Buddhist readers while welcoming anyone from other backgrounds desiring to learn more about Buddhism.

Buddhist Compassion

Buddhist Compassion is the only Buddhist life magazine in Hong Kong.  It is committed to inspire virtuous thoughts and ease people’s unsettling mind.  It shares with the members of public the Buddhist wisdom and compassion to alleviate their afflictions, anxiety and fear so as to promote the peace and harmony of the society.

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